Enamelled Copper Round Wire

As one of the leading winding wire manufacturers, Chandra Electrical Industries has developed a full range of winding wires to meet its customer’s requirements and applications. Our main focus continues to be Self-Solderable (Polyurethane based) Winding Wire Made of Copper.

Enamel Type
Thermal Class
Specification Standard
Size Range
Self-Solderable (Polyurethane) Enamelled Copper Wire
155, 180
IS13730/Part No.20, MW-79C
IS13730/Part No.51, MW-82C
18 SWG to 43 SWG
Modified Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire
IS13730/Part No.3
8 SWG to 42 SWG
Polyesterimide Enamelled Copper Wire
IS13730/Part No.8
19 SWG to 42 SWG
Dual-Coat (Polyesterimide + Polyamideimide) Enamelled Copper Wire
IS13730/Part No.13
19 SWG to 42 SWG

Packing : PT-4, PT-10, PT-25 or as per customer’s requirements.

Application : Motors - AC/DC, Transformers, Alternators, Relay Coils, Fans, Light fittings & other electrical & electronic equipment. 

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