Triple Insulated Winding Wire

We are first and only manufacturer of TIW wire in India with UL approval. TIW wire is equipped with a three-fold insulation around the conductor, which has been authorised as Reinforced Insulation. The insulation of the wire, which is made up of three layers, completely isolates the primary from secondary of the transformer. This wire can be wound on top of enamelled copper wire. TIW wire eliminates the need for insulation tapes & barriers which in turn greatly reduces the size and weight of transformer. It also improves efficiency of transformer due to reduced leakage inductance. TIW wire is solderable without the need of insulation stripping. It can be coiled easily using high speed automatic winding machines. TIW wire has a breakdown voltage of 10 kV. We manufacture TIW wire meeting customer requirements.


Thermal Class

Size Range
Size Range

130, 155

0.2 mm – 1.0 mm

Packing : PT-10 or as per customer’s requirement.

Application : SMPS Power Transformers used in Street Light LED Drivers, Mobile Phone Chargers & Laptop Adapters and BLDC Fans.

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