Quality Control

The wires are drawn on wire drawing machines with online continuous resistance annealing to provide a bare wire with good surface, uniform annealing and adequate softness. Thereafter, enamelling and extrusion is done on the latest PLC controlled machines with online testing facilities like online overall diameter tester & online pinhole tester to ensure high-quality product. The extrusion, enamelling & wire drawing sections are equipped with state-of-the-art machines equipped in a dust-free environment.

Raw Material
The company uses superior quality LME certified class A Electrolytic grade continuous cast copper rod confirming to ASTM/B-49 which ensure good spring back, flexibility and resistance in our wire. All other raw materials like insulating varnish, wire drawing lubricant, drawing dies etc. used in production are sourced from renowned vendors keeping only quality in our minds.

Testing Facilities
All testing equipment are regularly calibrated to ensure that our wires adhere to the strict quality standards that we have set for ourselves. This results in improved quality and consistency which helps the manufacturer make better coils and improves productivity through fewer rejects and shorter downtime.

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